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Brad Shaheen

Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Office:(212) 317-7817
Mobile:(917) 685-2743


Born and raised in Manhattan, Brad has always loved its diversity, energy and continuous change. With a career focused on sales and marketing, he has still managed to explore a wide range of pursuits, interests, sports and extensive world travel.

After a start in marketing at a NY based Energy Company, he also became involved in sales and marketing for several of that diversified company’s businesses, including its international financing division. He next moved from the client side directly to the agency side with several major advertising agencies. Loving the creative part of print advertising, and the increasing shift to computer based design; he worked on, and managed: medical, cosmetics, liquor and software campaigns, as well as numerous Annual Report projects.

Seeing the opportunity to work with the same agencies as an independent contractor and still pursue diverse other interests and a love of travel, Brad moved to independently providing design and production management services; with two associates handling copywriting and print production, for numerous agencies and accounts. With the advertising downturn beginning in 07, it was time to shift into a Real Estate career.

The goal is to maintain a Real Estate practice based on exclusive relationships with buyers, sellers and investors, and providing full service, complete confidentiality and an ongoing advisory role. By effectively providing customers superior, responsive service and results; I can continue to earn their ongoing business and confident referrals.

The real estate industry has changed! The economic meltdown has altered the markets balance. However, there’s also been a permanent shift taking place, primarily due to the internet and greater access to information.

For property owners working with an agency that has the marketing resources, and an open web strategy that “pushes” information to multiple sites and customers; there is no need to work with more than one agent to achieve a market-best sale price. Advertising, copywriting, graphic design and web experience contribute here. And, Halstead’s respected brand and efficiencies of scale, will assure cost-effective results!

For prospective buyers, working with an agent who knows how to skillfully access the increasingly comprehensive databases, essentially all listings are now available. Doing this effectively, is my strong suit, along with an ability to communicate and coordinate with anyone. With virtually complete data from a capable agent, a buyer no longer needs to work with multiple agencies. One agent can provide all the best options to a buyer and then resourcefully assist with the many issues a buyer faces, particularly financing, negotiating, approval and planning for their new home. Providing this range of services is what clients should expect from their agent.

With the changes in technology, there’s now room for a new type of advisory agent who delivers extraordinary customer service to buyers and sellers. They, in exchange, agree to work only with that broker to achieve improved results. Working with a real estate agent who focuses on the client and acts as a trusted advisor to buyers, or sellers, in return for exclusivity will be a more efficient way to buy or sell property, for those who recognize the advantages.

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